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Calorie Conscious introduces a new and healthier way to enjoy eating. It works on what is good for you and your body, and makes use of only the freshest ingredients. We cater a healthy menu of wholesome and nutritious meals custom-made for every taste and preference.


gluten-free | wheat-free | sugar-free
…and we ensure they deliver a wholesome balance to help you stay healthy.

We have a professional chef on-site who specialises in nutritional balance. We use coconut oil which has a number of health benefits, and we do not use butter or margarine.


weight loss | protein-based and supplemented meals for body building | menu planning for people with high cholesterol and diabetes | pregnant moms-to-be

We indicate the calories contained in all our meals and design food concepts that are healthy and nutritious and can help you lose weight instead of putting it on. We do not believe in empty calories and offer food that fills your stomach without expanding your waistline.

Our meals are ideal for people who are following weight loss programmes or specific sports conditioning plans but do not have the time to invest in balancing their food nutritionally. This is time consuming and can be difficult for people who are still coming to terms with their new eating plan.

We can also create menu ideas for people who have medical requirements or food intolerances. We can make menus with a low glycaemic index, foods that are high in protein or low in fat, or sugar free.

Diabetics, those suffering from high blood pressure or Cholesterol, ADD, ADHD, Crones or Celiac disease etc can all benefit from specifically devised diets and by using natural organic additives like Himalayan crystal salt and sugar replacements like coconut oil or Xylitol.


We make everything onsite, nothing is purchased in. If we serve wraps the wraps are made in house from scratch. We use alternatives to sugar, salt, oils etc.


Save time, money and the hassle of visits to Dieticians, shopping, choosing and preparing healthy meals. We offer Gluten free, sugar free, diary free, wheat free, Calorie conscious, ready to eat delicious balanced meals, delivered daily at a nominal fee.

Our clients can choose an entire day’s menu if they are very busy people, or they can just choose one or two meals from our selection to make life a little easier.

A variety of healthy smoothies, veggie juices and protein superfood shakes can also be purchased to increase the nutritional boost delivered by your meals.