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In Feb 2010 Candice and her brother Clayton had decided to start a little Clinic in Candice’s husband’s gym in the heart of Fourways. They started training people, writing their diets, providing lymph massages and colonic irrigation. They both had a passion for health and would put clients on a detox to clean out their systems along with serving them green juices daily.

“Clayton and I would get up at 4 o’clock in the morning makes green juices take them to the gym and start training our clients before our actual day jobs started. We would then go to all day jobs at 8 o’clock spend the whole day there until 4 o’clock when we finish, go back to the gym until 8 or 9pm.”

Eventually Candice decided in the May 2010 to leave her day job and follow her passion full-time. From this, Calorie Conscious began…

“One of my clients said to me ” you are a trained chef and you’ve done some nutrition, why don’t you don’t you just cook for us?” We would make meals for clients, put it into Tupperware containers send them away to have their 3 meals and snacks, and to return the containers. We would sanitize them and re use them the next day.”

Clayton and Candice then decided to take it one step further by cutting out wheats and glutens from their baked goods. 5 years ago, there were no bakeries around that could produce these type of breads so they both decided to bring it in-house and cater for their health conscious clients.

“I didn’t know much of gluten-free at the time and employed the young gentleman in the bakery and a lady in the confectionary side. The three of us started experimenting around with various recipes. It is the most expensive MBA in life in research and development and a lot of bread went green, some too salty others hard etc and eventually we managed to get the product to what it is today. ”

“5 years later, and here we are… I would like to think we are leaders in the field, always coming up with new ideas and flavours. We like to look at trends and design menus and recipes around the trends, but always staying true to who we are. ”